The idea of creating this blog appeared on the basis of my two Hobbies - free travel and photography. The more I travel, the more I that captures and the more I realize that it's available to everyone.

Many believe that independent travel is expensive. For this reason, they only go to Egypt or Turkey hot vouchers.

I myself have once was of the same opinion. To tell the truth, I never bought tickets or tours, always planned their trip themselves, and it was not always cheap. But then everybody has a choice - here lies the beauty of independent travel. You can save some, and somewhere to push the boat... Everything is calculated from the budget of the trip.

When I tell friends that my month-long trip to India cost 1200 Euro (taking into account all the planes, trains, accommodation, meals!!!) me no one wants to believe. Therefore, one of the missions of this blog is to show future free travelers the availability of this kind of rest.

I will be sharing his impressions about the travel and try to talk in detail about what you can save and how you can get much more pleasure from the journey, fully immersed in the host country, than to dwell in the hotel where "all inclusive".

A blog is and the second mission.

Now, almost everyone has a digital camera. Many even very good SLR, but few know how to use them and brought back from his travels very ordinary and boilerplate pictures.

I am not a professional photographer and not a guru photography... as they say - I am just learning, but I think that already did succeed and want to share my experience with novice photographers.

Photo I am relatively recently - about four years, but increasingly I began to notice that my photos from travel attract attention and arouse people desire to go to study in the workshop or on fotokurs. Therefore, on the pages of the blog, I will publish materials on the basics of digital photography, to share their knowledge and successes in this field.

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